Ich will zu dir!
Trennungskinder, Muttervergiftung und Staatsterror

Stefan Melichar,
22. Jänner 2015
One of the most startling judiciary scandals of all time in Austria.
Melanie Hutter,
22. Juni 2014
War against fathers is a touching and clearly written account of the Austrian federal justice system.
Veronika Holzinger,
20. Juni 2014
This book ought to be mandatory reading for all parents, employees of federal youth care institutions, politicians, judges and expert witnesses, as well as journalists. Hopefully at least some of them may recognize the maliciousness and absurdity of their own actions.
Softcover / 272 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-200-06950-3
Edition Liberi&Mundo, Juni 2020
„The parents aren’t the the sole cause of the problem.“
Guest Commentary by Michael Hüter,
KURIER, 24. November 2014
„But what about the kids? How can we handle this?“
Bernhard Schaller in an interview with Michael Hüter.
MOMAG#335, October 2015

Kindheit 6.7
Ein Manifest

“Finally a book that brings together a wealth of arguments in such a well-founded way—the whole to demonstrate that our education system cannot go on as before. Hopefully, it will soon become required reading for all those responsible for child rearing and education, and favorite reading for parents.”
Gerald Hüther, neurobiologist, bestselling author

Kindheit 6.7 (Childhood 6.7), drawing on extensive, thorough and multi-year research, is a story of childhood and at the same time a critique of civilization. It is a passionate plea and manifesto for children to once again be allowed to grow up humanely and “species-appropriately,” for a new appreciation of family socialization and for complete freedom of education. 

The English edition reads: CHILDHOOD 6.7 A History of Family Sozialisation and the Education and Schooling of the Human Being, Edition Liberi & Mundo, May 2022 
Softcover / 484 pages
Edition Liberi&Mundo, 9th ed. 2022 
(First editon April 2018)
BESTSELLER (German edition) since 11/2018